Legal Information on the Web

General Information
        Nolo's legal encyclopedia
            Browsing is possible, but choose "Search" box in the upper right search utility for known-item searches.

            Browseable legal topics, decisions, news, legal organizations, law journals, etc.

        The Virtual Chase
              Categorized legal subject lists - links to sources of information.

        Cornell's Legal Information Institute
                Excellent topical guide.

Vermont Information
        Vermont Law Help
                Need help with a legal problem?  This is the place; a law library, legal forms, contact information, etc.  There's a reason it's at the top of this list.

        Vermont statutes from Michie
                Flexible search engine from Lexis.

        Vermont statutes from the Legislative Council
                Menu-driven, or there's a full-text search utility.  Now includes historical information.  

        Library of Congress' Vermont law page
                Handy list, duplicating other sites here listed, but adding other valuable links to Vermont-related federal and private resources.

        Vermont municipal law
                Over twelve hundred links to Vermont statutes relating to municipalities, from Abandoned Property to Zoning.  Thankfully, they're alphabetical.

        Vermont bankruptcy information
                Excellent, no-nonsense explanation of bankruptcy in Vermont.

        Vermont judiciary
                Legal forms, explanations of divorce, custody, small claims, wills and estates, lawyer discipline, etc.  Note especially the "Pro Se Self-Service Center" on the right, under the "Departments" text.  

Federal Information
        United States Code
            Searchable by full-text, citation and popular name.
            Boolean and proximity searches, also fuzzy, concept, relate and dictionary options.

        Code of Federal Regulations
        United States Supreme Court
            Search for cases by keyword, title, and citation.  Supports date restrictors.

The Combo Plate
            Some links found handy, all in one place.  U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Vermont and other states' statutes and case law, law reviews, etc.  

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