Legal Trailblazers

Legal dilemmas confronting the judiciary can be exceedingly complex.  But even when sound judgement, rationality, and knowledge of the law and precedent are deployed with great intellectual force, Justice occasionally requires something more, something sly, even subversive.  The legal documents quoted below are more than merely humorous, they establish a connection from those who serve in the Temple of Justice, to those who don't.  This connection is a signal of mutual recognition, and of common ownership of the law, and serves to legitimize the legal process in the eyes of its subjects.  It keeps the law from taking itself too seriously, not like this introduction at all.        

The famous case of Blackie the Talking Cat.
The shortest decision there is, I think.
A decision à la Joyce Kilmer.
A decision about Leanne Rimes.  Yes, it rhymes.
Old-school nicknames and new nicknames.  Compare and contrast.
Man bites dog, hilarity ensues.
Grievant sues Satan.
Sad case of a man who wants over seven trillion dollars.  And a bullet-proof vest.
Another rhyming decision, by suggestion of the appellate judge.
Note the first letters of the footnote sections in this case.  My!
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