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Here are some direct links to search sites. I tried to keep it simple; I hope you find them handy.

List of Legal Resources

US Code search
From Cornell University Law School. Check freshness of retrieved data by clicking on the "How Current is This?" link.  Brought to you by the Legal Information Institute , the sole exception to my "no adverts" policy on this site.  Think about donating.  They're really nice; they send you a letter and everything.
US Code search, House of Representatives style.
Never hurts to run a search in two different sites.  The House site offers fuzzy, concept, relate and dictionary filters, plus old versions of the US Code back to 1991. 
CFR search
Talk about robust.  From the National Archives and Record Administration.
the Internet Legal Resource Guide
From the Lone Star State, a great big list of links, now called publiclegal.  Sure beats "ILRG", which sounds like something you'd hear at Spring Break.
Federal Courts
A complete linked list of US Circuit, District and Bankruptcy courts.  Good directory, but no cases (except through PACER)
U.S. Supreme Court search
FindLaw's excellent engines.  
Vermont Statutes
Now from the folks at Lexis. 
For browsable Vermont Statutes,click here (and now searchable, too).
Vermont case law
For Vermont Supreme Court decisions.  Search the last ten years here.  
Vermont bar exams
...and answers.
Vermont legal decisions online 
A linked list.
Vermont Attorney General's opinions
All eleven of 'em.  The others are on paper, but they ceased publication in 1974.  Up to that point, they are available from the Vermont State Library (Reference Desk: 802-828-3268).  Opinions from subsequent years may be obtained by contacting Lisa Pettrey-Gill at lpettrey-gill@atg.state.vt.us.
Vermont legislative history
Variations on a theme.
Vermont Municipal Law
Over twelve hundred links relating to the law of Vermont municipalities, from Abandoned Property to Zoning.  Thankfully, they're alphabetical.  Will open as a .pdf.  Get Adobe .pdf
Other States' statutes
Brought to you by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School.  They're just swell.
Law Reviews
Full- text search with Boolean, proximity and wildcard operators, also listed by topic (including "general") and indicates whether an abstract or full-text is provided.
Legal Reference Resources for Public Librarians
Considerable overlap with this list, but more general and practical.
Legal Humor
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