Giulietta title screen
Giulietta is a story of the simultaneous breakup of a woman's marriage and sanity, yet it is a story of victory. Fellini handles it with his customary humanity, generosity and sly humor.  The background images of these pages are all from Giulietta and hint at the breathtaking imagery that marks Il Maestro's work.  More images:

Guiliette's friend at a seance.

Giulietta, on the right, and her sister, played by Sylva Koscina, apparently the most beautiful woman in history.

the neighbor at the beach
Giuletta's neighbor at the beach where Giuletta resumes her hallucinations after years "of nothing."

one of Giulietta's hallucinations
One of Giulietta's hallucinations.  The bearded man front left is her father, who rescued her from the nun's theater.

Giuletta's father rescues her from the nuns.
Her father objects to re-enacting the burning alive of a child martyr in the nun's theater.