True facts about myself.

1.  I have been a longshoreman.
2.  I captured a rattlesnake with a rake.
3.  I have been stung by a jellyfish.
4.  I have been in a hurricane (Hurricane Marilyn, 1995).
5.  I had a black widow spider for a pet.
6.  I was on television (Lloyd Thaxton Show) in a rock-n-roll band.
7.  I have gone scuba diving at night on a wreck.
8.  Harry Truman was President when I was born.
9.  I have skated on a river smooth as glass, and could see the bottom.
10.  I have seen over 250 meteors in one hour.
11.  I have seen the Aurora Borealis from horizon to horizon and directly overhead, all colors.
12.  I have been bitten by a monkey.