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Someday, this web page will no longer exist.  The computer on which you're viewing it will not exist; nor, indeed, will you or this planet, someday.  There will be only the galaxies, silent unnamed systems, stars and planets slowly changing over unimaginable spans of time, spinning through lifeless space as the light slowly dims.  Astronomy will be the last science that matters, describing the universe eons after all its inhabitants are gone, finally becoming sublimated into subatomic particles, to describe the end of existence.  All things become irrelevant.  It is the last question it is possible for us to ask.

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Bad Astronomy.

How the universe will end.

Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Professor Stephen Hawking's page.

Galileo's finger has been preserved as a relic. 

And now they've found another couple of fingers and a tooth.

Astronomy Now, the popular British magazine.



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