A visit from Francoise and Emma
August 2007

lunch on the deck  lunch on the deck
Ben and Jerry's Ben and Jerry's
Hubbard Park tower  Hubbard Park tower
Jody and Emma cooking vegetables cooking vegetables
pond  Goodall Pond
les amis amis
at Kevin and Mela's  at Kevin and Mela's
back by the pastures by the pastures
garlic drying in the shed  garlic drying in the shed
in the hot tub hot tub
in the pond
 cooling off in the pond
Francoise's water lily lily
Monarch (danaus plexippus) Monarch (danaus plexippus)
Champagne! champagne
free for the taking  free stuff in South Woodbury
the water lily blossom lily
back to the kitchen tableback to the kitchen table